Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Providing a Great Education

At The Children’s Village we recognize that education, in addition to a loving Christian home, is one of the most important tools needed for our children to meet and overcome the formidable challenges they have ahead of them. Our partner schools also understand the importance of a strong education, and the social skills required for our children to succeed throughout their lives.

Success has many faces and often can be measured not only by academic achievement but also an increase in self-esteem, mental, and physical health. Success for Ben at The Lighthouse School encompasses all these attributes and is portrayed in many areas of his life. Ben came to Christian City over 7 years ago and has made huge strides in his education, leadership skills, and self-esteem.

He started The Lighthouse Program as a “typical” new student anxious about a new environment, new friends, and new social opportunities. In less than a year, Ben transformed from a shy 10th grader to a leader to all his peers and teachers. He was given the responsibility and title of Safety Monitor by his teacher. He took ownership of this responsibility recognizing that students are encouraged to try their hand at office work, maintenance, and construction. The position of Safety Monitor evolved into supervising maintenance for all the school. Ben is the “go-to” guy for all safety and maintenance and is the first point of contact for al outside vendors. He shines while taking on his leadership roles, and everyone here at the Children’s Village is blessed to witness God’s work in him!

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